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Customer Reviews

Sometimes my guests say nice things about me. We have so much fun together. You're next!

Dani S.

"So I just have to tell you that I seriously LOVE my hair!!! The color is so pretty! I'm always looking at it in the mirror."

Amber A.

"You seriously made my day!! I LOVE my hair!! Thank you for making me feel beautiful."

Kedrick G.

"Cara is AMAZING!! She is so talented, super fun, and the best hairdresser around. She is amazing at turning your dream hair into a reality!! I love going to see Cara to get my hair done."

Michele G.

“Cara is the absolute best colorist around. Her cuts are precise, yet naturally beautiful, and her conversation just flows. Cara has a true gift.”

Paula J.

“My husband and I both have been having Cara cut our hair for ever a year now and we both are very happy. Cara does it all- hair, mani, pedi- with talent, humor, and warmth.”

Meg S.

“My whole experience was excellent and completely exceeded my expectations, including how good my hair looked when I left!”

Isabel P.

“I got the most amazing cut and balayage from Cara Starr. I am never going anywhere else!”

Rose G.

“I just had my hair done today with Cara and she’s just amazing!!!! I have super curly hair and [wanted it straight] Cara knew exactly what she was doing! My hair is so silky and beautiful after the blow out that I don’t want to wash it. I would recommend her to everyone!”

Brooke C.

“I received ‘unicorn hair’ from the wonderful, sunshiney Cara Starr. She is the nicest, most caring person I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’ll continue to come back to her as long as possible and I suggest you do too!”

Ashlee R.

“Cara, my hairstylist, is amazing. Hands down would recommend her to anyone! I will never go anywhere else.”

Alicia Y.

“High quality results! I feel right at home, and walk out feeling gorgeous!”

Christian L.

Cara always takes care of me - great haircut, fun to talk to and accommodates for my last minute appointment requests. The salon itself is beautiful with an awesome downtown location. I love my experience here.

Amaia B.

“She was nice, attentive, she did a great job, answered all of my questions, and was very patient. Not to mention she was able to hold a conversation with me for the entire length of my haircut. I was definitely satisfied and will be back for sure.”

Kristi M.

“I have nothing but great things to say about Cara. I came to her with a cut and color I wasn’t happy with. She took her time and helped me pick a beautiful color for my hair, and fixed my haircut. She is very personable and her love of doing hair shows through her work. I highly recommend her to anyone.”

Paige W.

“There is nothing quite like finding a great stylist and with Cara, my search is over. She was recommended to me by a friend whose hair had gone from nice to gorgeous. I like a subtle European/French look (cut and color) that doesn’t scream ‘try hard’ and Cara delivers beautifully. She listens and communicates really well. She also doesn’t cut corners- she takes the time to make sure my color is super natural looking and stays healthy. She is also very warm and personable while maintaining a high level of professionalism.”

Don B.

“Received an amazing cut from Cara.”

Erica L.

“Cara is great and never fails to please when doing my hair!”

Ray M.

Best experience I have ever had!

Amanda R.

“Thank you Cara Starr! You do amazing work. Highly recommend your work and will be back!”

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